Photo Gallery

On the road, behind the scenes and more

Celebrity Events

Adam Ferrara and Mary Ellen Adam Ferrara at Billiards Adam Ferrara at the Diner Adam Ferrara at the Hotel

Phil Tag with Dale Murphey With the cast of Rescue Me With Brian Regan With Rondell

With Tim Tebow Talking with Tim Tebow With Marty Allen With Willy Tyler and Lester


Friends and Entertainers

With Al With Billy Garan Dueling DeNiros ABBA

Backstage With Lou With Jimmy Cawso With Rob

With Sal With Tom Ryan With Wendy


Mobile Uploads

At the airport Hanging out at the cabin With Cindi Elton Glasses

In Alaska With Mike Tag Phil Tag At the stadium

Waiting for the game At Stress Factory On the subway With Tommy


On Stage

Backstage at the Theater Performing in Canada Marquee in a bowling alley The crowd in Canada

An old Kevin James poster My marquee City Center Marquee Late Night Comedy Marquee

Phil Tag on stage On stage doing a bit